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check it and hope you will Co-Operate...

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Rules Of The Forum

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Rules Of The Forum

Post by Legend on Tue Jan 25, 2011 11:21 pm


1): Do not advertise neither your server or any other persons server. Such as posting IP's.

2): Do not leave a post consisting in only smilies.

3): Do not leave several messages in one thread, instead, use the ''edit'' button.

4): Do not revive a thread that is at least 20 days old, unless you can see its free-to-comment, or its a problem that haven't been solved.

5): Before posting a suggestion, check if it haven't been posted before.

6): Do not report unless you have solid proofs (screen shots).

7): Do not abuse PM's sending messages such like ''Please unban me mister'', it will just be another reason to keep you banned.

Cool: Before making a thread be sure you make it on the right section, otherwise it will be moved.

9): Speak only English, If you don't know English, post on the ''Forums for foreign languages'' section, otherwise your threads/posts will be considered spam.

10): Do not troll other persons posts.

11): Do not do a thread/post just to swear to other members.

12): If you have posted a request to get admin/moderator status and you have been rejected, don't try to ask again the next day, instead, help the server in other ways, like reporting.

13): If you have been banned and your post to get unbanned have been rejected don't re-post in a while, but you can still participate in forums.

Breaking several rules will get you banned from forums, temporally or permanently, you have been warned.

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